Compression Socks Women

This review is from: Compression Socks Women Graduated Compression Technology Ideal for Exercise, Yoga, Travel & More (Misc.)
    I am 5’3″ and wear a size 8 in shoe I am 140 pounds so just a little chunky. I ordered a size large and they fit me perfect. They have just the right amount of compression and come just below my knee. I hope that helps when judging your size. The Buttons and pleats usually run true to size.
    I ordered the button and pleats ankle and foot compression and loved them so I decided to try these out and see what I thought of them. I tend to have a drop in my blood pressure and it is caused by my blood pooling in my feet. I have pass out spells from this and was told to wear compression socks to stop the pooling.
     Like I said I tried the foot and ankle ones and then decided to give these a try. I honestly didn’t think I could handle wearing the compression socks them being as long as they are. I have been wearing them for a week minus washing of course and found they are actually comfy and help me. They don’t leave a tight ring around my leg and don’t squeeze or feel to tight.
     They are made of nice soft breathable fabric so them being black and sweating won’t be an issue. I do wish they were a little thicker of a material, but they are super great for spring, summer and fall of the year.
     The seam of the toe was another worry of mine. If it is to close to the top of the toe, to thick or goes onto the sides of my toes I wont wear them. The seem along the toe was fine. Just behind the toe nail, thin but strong and stopped before the sides of my toes. I like that, because I hate my shoe rubbing the seem of my socks and causing irritation. These are perfect for tennis shoe wearing. I have worn them all day with tennis shoes and my feet are happy.
    I did receive this product at a free or discounted price for my honest and unbiased review. In all honesty I believe you will be happy with this company and products.

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