CellBee® Premium Leather Pouch Carrying Case

This review is from: iPhone 6s Plus Holster, CellBee® Premium Leather Pouch Carrying Case with Belt Clip Belt Loops Holster for Apple iPhone 6/6s Plus 5.5 Inch (Perfect Fits Otterbox / LifeProof Case) (Business Class) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
                   This is a very well made durable case. I was very pleased when I opened the package and inspected the phone holster. My husband has a job that requires him to use his whole body. This can be a problem with catching and snagging his phone case on the machinery and stones he is working on.
      I was so happy to notice how thick the case was and that it had a clip and double belt loops as well. The clip is very sturdy and snaps back hard and loud when pulled on. With the sturdy clip and the belt loops his phone is staying safely in place.
       The inside of the holster case is very soft so it won’t scratch your screen if you don’t have a case or screen protector on it. It is also big enough on the inside to hold your phone with a case on it, but not big enough to where you can’t use it without a phone case.
            I also love the fact that it is super easy to clean. When my husband gets dirt or mud on it I just wipe it off with a dampened cloth. The dirt or mud comes off and it looks new again.
         If it can withstand my husbands abuse this phone holster will last a normal user a very long time.
         I did receive the phone holster at a free or reduced price for my honest opinion. I am glad I did though I am very pleased with it.

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