Brewooze® Keurig Carafe Kcup Filter

This review is from: Brewooze® Keurig Carafe Kcup Filter – 2 X Reusable Gold K Cup – Refillable 4-5 Cup Coffee Filter for Keurig 2.0 | K500, K400, K300 and K200 Models (Kitchen)
              There are so many reasons I absolutely love this product. First of all it is a smart money-saving investment. You can use any ground coffee in it not just the k-cups. Secondly It includes your disposable liners to use in your cups if desired. Thirdly it includes your filter for your keurig 400,k300 or k200 model machines. Fourthly it comes with complete detailed easy to understand directions. fifth of all the company is wonderful friendly people who will keep in touch with you and make sure your whole purchase is a breeze.
        Now for my opinion on all the things in the box. The Brewooze products was packaged very nice and secure so everything is safe during shipping. The cup liners are very thick and fit the cups firmly which is great. No one wants a filter to move or shift. Hot coffee spills are the worse.
    The filter is very well made. It is an exact replica of the keurig filter.
      The cups themselves which you receive two of are very well made also. They are a very thick plastic with snap apart lids for easier cleaning. The lids have a rubber seal to keep from oozing or spilling while closed. The screen on the cups are very sturdy and does not flex or come off easily. The cups fit my k200 keurig machine perfectly. I can make a full pot or just a cup with these and I am not forced to buy the disposable cup. That alone saves me so much money and lightens my trash a lot.
        They do say not to use espresso grinds in the cups due to clogging the filter. That is something to keep in mind if you drink espresso. I don’t and completely love the cups.
     I did receive this product at a free or reduced price for my honest review. I will buy these again though. They are a great all around product.

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