Bic Soleil Shine Razor

This review is from: Bic Soleil Shine Razor For Women – 5 Flexible Blades – 2 Count Razors Per Package – Pack of 2 (Health and Beauty)
         I really like this Razor. I like the fact that it has 5 blades. It having 5 blades means that I can shave using less swipes. Less swipes means less razor burn and irritation on my legs and underarms. That makes me very happy.
           The Bic Soleil Shine has attractive handles that have front and back finger grips for less slippage while shaving. I hate slipping and cutting myself. I was glad that the grips prevented that.
     The head of the razor flexes moving with the curves of your legs and underarms meaning your less likely to get cut as well.
               The cap has lips on the top and bottom for getting a grip to slide the cap on and off. That makes it easy to do with wet hands.
       I used shaving cream for sensitive skin and my legs turned out super smooth and soft. I noticed you have to shave less with 5 blades as well. I usually shave everyday and I am now only shaving every other day. It don’t sound like much, but missing a day shaving leaves time to do something else.
     It is nice. I did receive this product free from Bic through Bzzagent. I am so happy that I did. I found my new razor.

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