This review is from: Bendipod Mini Flexible Camera Tripod with Universal ¼ Inch Tripod Screw and Phone Mount Adapter for Digital Camera, Smartphone, Cell Phone, iPhone, Android & More (Black) (Electronics)
     This is a nice tripod for a lightweight phone. I tried using my Sony cyber shot in it and it will not hold it. The slide and clamp holder lets it drop with the least little bit of movement. The head of the tripod is on a ball that rotates and it moves no matter how much tightening you do. The weight of the small camera is just too much for it. If I use my phone it works just fine though. My phone is about 4″x 3″ so it does have a small limit on what you use.
      The legs are super flexible and does hold in place well. The legs have a grove foam on them that makes them cling well when wrapped around things. The bottom caps on the legs are a silicone type material that keeps them from sliding or giving to weight as bad.
    The clamp phone holder is super hard to pull out to place your camera in. It takes both hands for me and then trying to place my phone while doing it. The clamp does have very durable rubber bumpers on it so it doesn’t scratch up your device while holding it. It is also very slick which I believe is why the camera kept getting tossed out of the clamp.
    All and all if you don’t mind fighting with the clamp and using a light weight device this tripod is great for different angles and video in new places. It does have the screw for screwing in a camera again light weight though or it will tip over if not wrapped around something. This is more of a light weight outdoor or odd angle tripod. You will not be able to use it with a slandered camera on a table.It is also made of very sturdy materials so weather should not affect it that bad.
     It has its good points and it’s bad. It just all depends on how you plan to use it and which device you plan to use. I did receive this product free or at a reduced rate for my honest and unbiased review.

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