Artnaturals Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil

This review is from: Artnaturals Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil – 100% Natural Best Foot and Body Wash 12 Oz, Helps with Nail Fungus, Athletes Foot, Ringworm, Jock Itch & Body Odor – Kills Bacteria & Relieves Itching (Misc.)
         I ordered the art naturals anti-fungal soap for my sons. They are teenagers and have very smelly feet. Especially after wearing work boots all day. I had them to start using it everyday once I received it. Which was very quickly.
        I noticed a improvement right away. I haven’t had to put up with their foot odor in a couple days. Which has been extremely nice.
       I have to watch what I use on my youngest son. He can’t use something that has a whole bunch of chemicals in it due to his liver disease and sensitive skin. This stuff has been wonderful.
      It does have a very strong smell to it. That is a good thing though. The boys said their feet feel wonderful, clean and relaxed after using it. It is a very large bottle as well You get a lot of use out of one purchase.   I have noticed art naturals is very good for that. You really get a lot of product for your money from them.
       Their product have high quality to them also. Both my boys are happy with the anti-fungal soap. My youngest son tends to get athletes feet here and there. I can done tell that this won’t be a problem anymore. If it get rid of odor you know it is killing the germs and working correctly.
       Like I said though be ready it has a very strong sent to it. Not unpleasant when it dies down some. At first it will make your nose open up.
       I did recieve this product at a free or reduced price for a honest review.

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