Argan Oil Shampoo

This review is from: Argan Oil Shampoo Restores Damaged Hair – Argan Oil for Hair, Increases Shine and Deeply Nourishes – Safe for All Hair Types and Color Treated Hair – 16 oz Bottle with Pump (Misc.)
       I love Argan oil shampoos. They always lather so well (just like suave). They always have a wonderful scent to them that a woman or man would love. My hair always is easy to brush and style after using them. My hair is always clean, shiny, and healthy looking and feeling.
        I tend to get split ends and dryness so I tried the therapeutic damaged hair shampoo. I am so glad I did. It is just like my Argan oil color treated shampoo. The only difference is it adds moisture and life back to my hair. I feel better about using my straighter and blow dryer with this shampoo coupled with my Argan hair mask. I haven’t used it long enough to notice a difference in my split end problems, however the way my hair is looking and feeling I know I will.
        I have hair that tends to get oily sometimes and was concerned about using it during those times. I used it and had no issue. I wasn’t a grease ball at all. It put moisture in my hair and took the greasiness out.
     It comes in a very large bottle compared to how much you use per washing. My hair is down to the small of my back and I use about a half-dollar sized amount of shampoo to get a lot up suds.
      You will just suds up and leave in your hair for two to three minutes then rinse away. I then use the hair mask and leave it in for two to three minutes and rinse away. I towel dry my hair, brush it, and then blow dry it. I finish up by styling it how I want it for the day. I don’t have tats or tangles and my hair is very easy brushed or combed.
     I did receive this product at a free or reduced price for my honest review.

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