This review is from: AquaAudio QZ-2Q0H-R3GO Cube Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with Suction Cup and Built-in Mic for All Bluetooth Media Devices (Silver) (Electronics)
    This little blue tooth speaker really booms. Sounds great and is water proof. How amazing is that? I did not expect it to be as easy to hook up to my phone and tablet. I just mashed the phone icon on it and hit accept on my phone. It skips songs, adjust volume, pauses and powers on and off. There is no guessing if it is on or off it tells you in a nice pleasant woman’s voice.
    The suction cup is nice and large which makes it stick and stay. My son grabbed it as soon as I got it set up and took it to the shower. He poured water right on it and it still works perfect. This is great for shower, bath, pool, river or what ever else you do in and around water. You could even put it on your dash in your car to hear your favorite songs from your phone.
    It is small enough to carry around or throw in your bag. It has never yet buffered, stopped or lost connection between songs. I love the fact that I can charge it in an hour and it is ready to go again. I don’t have to replace batteries or anything. I always have a power bank with me so that makes me happy.
    It came with a very sturdy charge cord that has very sturdy connector tips. I received this product at a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.

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