Amope foot file review!!!

Amope foot file review!!!

 I got the Amope foot file with charging dock from Amope through crowd tap for my review. I was figuring it would be like the rest of the files and half work. I was actually very wrong. This thing is a beast.

 You can use the Amope wet or dry and it has two speeds. It came with a nifty charging dock that you just rest the foot file in like a cradle. It caught connection immediately. I didn’t have to fidget with it at all. It didn’t take but 2 hours to fully charge. When it is fully charged this thing goes strong and last forever.

  It has a nice rubber type handle that is very easy to hold and not lose grip of in the shower. It is water proof and yes you can use it in the shower! Awesome huh? 

  Here is a picture of my awful feet to show you before and after.

I didn’t file for a while, because I knew I was getting the Amope and wanted to see how well it worked. It got everything. I honestly didn’t think my feet were that bad until I used it. EWWWWW! They were a mess. Amope fixed it though.

  Because I already grossed you out with my feet here is a picture of how much skin this thing got off my heel I thought was fine. My feet has never been smoother! I am now using my Amope once a week in the shower. 

Here is a link to crowd tap site where it was free for a review.

Here is a link to Amope site

Here is a link to Amope Amazon › … › Foot & Nail Care


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