This review is from: Art Naturals Blackhead Extractor Tool Set for Facial Acne and Comedones (Misc.)
       I ordered the Art naturals extractor set after ordering and trying Equinox extractor set. The equinox tool set made me very disappointed. It would pop acne bumps very easily, but wouldn’t remove blackheads at all.
        I get hormonal acne on my jaw line and blackheads on the rest of my face. The equinox wouldn’t do a thing and I honestly figured I was wasting my time with getting the art naturals tool kit. I figured I was just stuck with using my finger and tweezers for my blackheads.
        I got my package of my art naturals tools and was leaving the house. I was sitting in a parking lot waiting on my husband and decided to try them. Picture me sitting in a parking lot getting rid of black heads. Now picture me being all exited when they worked and really going at those black heads. Yeah, it is sad,but true.
      The case is sturdy and the zipper works flawlessly. The tools are good strong tools with great grip on them. They are very easy to hold and use at any angle without slipping. The tools extract the pimples and blackheads very easily without causing pain or discomfort.
      I shouldn’t have been surprised though Art Naturals always has great products that actually work. I did receive this product at a reduced price or free for an honest review. I am stoked that I did the art naturals tool kit works 100% better than the equinox set did.

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