This review is from: Guy Fawkes V For Vendetta Mask
        I was very surprised at the thickness and quality of the Guy Fawkes V for Vendetta Mask. I got it for my son who is thirteen and very hard on things. The elastic strap is about 1/2 inch wide. The elastic strap fits threw the sides of the mask into small slits and sewed together instead of stapled or one small stitch. The strap is not coming off easily at all.
      The mask fits his face perfectly so it would fit a teen or adult best. The nose and mouth holes are large enough to make it very easy for breathing without feeling smothered. It has foam cushioned 1/2 inch pads on the forehead and chin to prevent irritation. The eye holes are plenty wide enough to see out of, but not large enough to show to much eye area.
The plastic has a softer plastic texture on the inside with unnoticeable groves to prevent slippage while wearing.
        The outside part of the mask is colored very nicely. The outside of the mask is also very slick which makes it super easy to wipe clean with a dampened cloth. That is always a great thing with kids. The easier cleaned the better.
        I also noticed that all the facial holes in the mask doesn’t have sharp frayed or edges on them from the molding. I am very pleased with the mask. Especially for the price I paid for it.
     It does take a little while to get it. I waited two weeks. It does come china post is why. It is worth the wait though.

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