Hint Wellness Blend For Immune Support

This review is from: Cold Care With Vitamin C – Natural Immune Booster – Herbal Tea Blend For Immune Support – By Hint Wellness – 45g (Health and Beauty)
         I received this tea and of course had to sniff it first thing. I was so happy with the way it smelt. No over powering lemon peel or orange peel smell at all. The volume of aroma from the bag is just the right amount. You can smell the mix of lemon grass, honey and ginger root.
         It was very easy made as well. It comes in a resealable bag with eighteen tea bags inside. I simply heated up my water in my tea kettle and waited for the scream. I poured  hot water into my tea mug and added a tea bag. I then set it aside and waited about five minutes and took my spoon and gently mashed the tea bag against the side of my mug. I tossed the tea bag and was ready to sip the tea.
       I loved not having to mix in my lemon and honey separately. When your sick the least you have to do the better. When I started sipping the tea it had a mild soothing taste. It was enough to smell and taste easily, but not Bam. I could taste the lemon grass, green tea,stevia and ginger root. They complemented each other very well.
      My throat was a bit scratchy and nose messed up. It helped with soothing my throat and opening my nose up some. It is decaffeinated so I was able to sleep it off and enjoy my tea as well.
      I did receive this product at a discounted or free price for my honest review. That being said I really did enjoy the tea and I am not a huge tea fan. It was very comforting and soothing.

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