Haicheng Pizza Cutter

This review is from: Haicheng Pizza Cutter Wheel,Professional Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter
       I buy very large thick pizzas from Papa Murphy’s and have tossed so many pizza cutters due to the handles breaking or the blade coming off. Most have a plastic handle and they can’t handle my pizzas for very long before giving out on me.
     I saw this one and saw that it was all metal and had the rubber grip finger strip on the top of the handle and thought it might work. I figured at least give it a try.
          I ordered it and the night it I received it I went to Papa Murphy’s and got my normal family size pizzas. we gave them a bake and when they were done I gave it a try. It cut through the pizza just fine. I had to watch and not get my fingers toward the back of the handle in the pizza. The cutter is lent back enough when used it is best for thinner pizzas.
         I also noticed the blade size is best for thinner pizzas as well. Your average pizzas like Digiorno pizza or Tombstone pizza will work just right with it. The blade didn’t wobble or give any while cutting and the grip strip didn’t allow our fingers to slip while cutting the pizza.
            It is a really sturdy, strong made pizza cutter. It is fine for normal pizzas just be cautious if pizza is super thick. it should last a long time.
           I did receive this product at a free or reduced price for an honest and unbiased review.

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